Americans: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Americans: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

When we think of Americans, we usually associate them with colorful clothes, noisy (1) _______ and overweight. But what are they really like? What values do they have? It is not possible to answer this question (2) _______ but it seems that some American characteristics are a legacy of the Puritan ideology.

The Puritans thought of themselves as a special people able to build "a city upon a hill".

They considered their success and increasing (3) _______ a sign of God’s grace and did not respect those who (4) _______. They promoted hard work, self-reliance and believed in man’s (5) _______ ability to make progress. Even today their ideas are still popular. The special significance of succeeding in life has come to characterize the American culture ever since.

American children are taught that (6) _______, initiative and activity are the essence of life. It is believed that passivity (7) _______ the mind and that is why it is not accepted.

Generally, Americans are characterized by a very practical sense and optimism. They never (8) _______ and even if they have problems, they are always trying to find some (9) _______.

Their (10) _______ is simple: You have no money? No job? Don’t wait! Do something! Be flexible! There is always a way out! Take a course in gardening, cooking, ceramics, embroidering, typing... Promote yourself! You must find some way to achieve success! If you don’t, you are a muff and a crock.

1 manners behaviour doings habits
2 explicitly positively specifically categorically
3 luxury richness prosperity boom
4 neglected declined disappointed failed
5 full unlimited great absolute
6 action push drive campaign
7 warps corrupts changes misshapes
8 leave abandon surrender give up
9 remedy solution result explanation
10 recipe formula method process


1.B; 2.A; 3.C; 4.D; 5.B; 6.C; 7.A; 8.D; 9.B; 10.A

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