​Animals: Body Parts

​Animals: Body Parts

1. The horse injured its ________ in the race.

a) claw

b) heel

c) hoof

2. The leopard never changes its _________.

a) spots

b) stripes

c) paws

3. A peacock boasts its beautiful __________.

a) wings

b) claws

c) feathers

4. The elephants' ________ was dry and dirty because of the lack of water.

a) fur

b) hide

c) skin

5. Jellyfish have got bells and ___________.

a) scales

b) quills

c) tentacles

6. You can easily recognize a male lion by its _________.

a) mane

b) fang

c) paws

7. The pig was rummaging on the ground with its _______.

a) spout

b) scout

c) snout

8. A crab has got __________ not tentacles.

a) tusks

b) spines

c) claws

9. Carnivorous animals scare us with their _________.

a) horns

b) fangs

c) hooves

10. The turtle hid under the____________.

a) mane

b) snout

c) shell


1. c

2. a

3. c

4. b

5. c

6. a

7. c


9. b

10. c

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