Animals: Dwelling

Animals: Dwelling

1. Every day workers on the farm clean _________ for cows.

a) stables

b) dens

c) barns

2. It's winter now. Bears are hibernating in their _________.

a) sheds

b) dens

c) hutches

3. We needed several new _________ for rabbits.

a) coops

b) hutches

c) hives

4. The dog stuck its head out of the _________.

a) kennel

b) nest

c) dam

5. We can go to the local ________ and take some horses for riding.

a) lodge

b) zoo

c) stables

6. If you come closer to the _________ you may be stung by a bee.

a) cage

b) hive

c) pen

7. Let's go see birds of prey in the new _________.

a) kennel

b) lair

c) aviary

8. Beavers built another ________ on the river.

a) dam

b) hive

c) nest

9. A small ___________ has visited our town.

a) hive

b) den

c) menagerie

10. Chipmunks live in ___________, bushes and logs.

a) dams

b) barns

c) burrows


1. c

2. b

3. b

4. a

5. c

6. b

7. c

8. a

9. c

10. c

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