Another Day: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

The day on which Emily Stockwell Turner. (1) __________ (to fall) of love with her husband began much like other days. Asusual, Emmy lay in bed twenty minuteslater than she should (2) __________ (to do), with her son Freddy (3) __________ ( play) cars over her legs, and when she finally got up it seemed as if things would (4) __________ (never to sort out). But somehow breakfast was made; Freddy (5) __________ (to feed) and dressed and sent off to nursery school in the car pool, and at length Emmy stood outside the house watching her husband (6) __________ (to leave) for work on time.

“Looks like snow," said Turner, an instructor in the Languages and Literature Division at Convers College, as he stood beside her on the (7) __________ (freeze) lawn in his overcoat. It was a chilly, dark morning early in November, and Emmy (8) __________ (to wear) only an old cashmere sweater and slacks, but she was the kind that never (9) __________ (to feel) the cold.

'Oh, good; do you think so? But it's only the first week in November. I'm afraid it's much too soon.'

'It probably snows early here," Holman said, and climbed into his car and shut the door. Through the glass he could see Emmy look round at the clouds, (10) __________ (smile). What amagnificent creature she is, he thought as he frequently (11) __________ (do). She was a big girl, tall, tanned like a gypsy, and with a high colour. Her heavy, bright-brown hair (12) __________ ( not to do yet up) for the day; it hung down over one shoulder in a thick braid. She was twenty-seven, and still had, as on the day he married her, the look of a carefully bred and beautifully groomed animal (13) __________ ( keep) permanently at the peak of its condition for some high use which has not yet arrived and possibly never will arrive. Holman had seen it often on boys and girls of Emmy's class, though seldom to such a degree or accompanied by so much beauty-Emmy continued to stand beside the car, (14) __________ (to wait) for her husband to roll the window down, so he rolled it down. 'Goodbye, darling," she said, stooping to kiss him. 'So long, baby," Holman replied. He rolled the window up again and (15) __________ ( drive) away down the drive.

Love and Friendship by Alison Lurie (AmE)

1 falls was falling had fallen fell
2 having done have done has done to have done
3 playing have been playing played being played
4 being sorted out be sorted out be sorting out sorted out
5 has been fed feeding was fed fed
6 has left be left had left leave
7 frost frozen freeze being frozen
8 wore wear to wear has worn
9 has felt to feel feels was feeling
10 to smile smiling smiled having smiled
11 had done doing do did
12 was not being done had not been done has not been done was not done
13 kept keeps keeping keep
14 to wait waited waits waiting
15 was driving is driving drove drives

1.D; 2.B; 3.A; 4.B; 5.C; 6.D; 7.B; 8.B; 9.C; 10.B; 11.D; 12.B; 13.A;14D 15C

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