Being a Kid: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Being a Kid: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Who said that being a kid (1) _______ easy? Being a kid with no additional source of income aside from the daily allowance that your parents give you is no (2) _______ matter. Because of the (3) _______ prices in our lives today, people have been looking for opportunities to make money. Making ends (4) _______ is simply not enough. It's always wise to save up for that rainy day or for that cool-looking video game that you (5) _______ your eye on ever since its release on the market.

The availability of jobs at 14 (6) _______ . Most companies hesitate (7) _______ 14 year olds since there are certain qualifications for each job that is available. There are also less working hours since a 14 year old (8) _______ to go to school for (9) _______ part of the day.

Regardless of that, nowadays the most popular option for a kid who wants to earn a little extra is to sign up for a form filling job otherwise (10) _______ as paid survey filling. This type of job normally takes up only a little of the kid’s time and effort since the surveys are designed for this age group. Also, signing up for this job requires no investment or sign-up fees.

All the kid has to do is to fill up a survey form. It's as simple as that.

1 was has been to be had been
2 laughing laughed laughter a laughing
3 raise rising rise rose
4 to meet meet meeting being met
5 are having have had have had
6 is limiting limited is limited limits
7 to hiring to be hired hiring to hire
8 expected is expecting is expected expects
9 the most most the many more
10 known is known knowing knows

1.A; 2.A; 3.B; 4.B; 5.B; 6.C; 7.D; 8.C; 9.B; 10.A

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