​Bread and Salt: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)

​Bread and Salt: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)

Once upon a time there lived a king with three daughters. The two (1) _______ girls envied the youngest (2) _______ the king loved very much. They tried to destroy the king’s love (3) _______ her. They told him that the youngest girl (4) _______ him as much as they did. At last the king believed them and decided to test the (5) _______ love. So he asked the oldest daughter to tell him how (6) _______ she loved him.

“I value you, my father, as God in heaven!” she answered.

The king liked her answer very much. He then asked his second daughter the same question.

“Oh, my father, I value you as my own life!”

This answer also pleased the King. And now he turned to the youngest daughter asking her how she (7) _______ describe her feelings.

“Oh, my father,” she said, “I value you as salt and bread.”

The king was very angry that she (8) _______ her love to (9) _______ common things as salt and bread. He was furious and he ordered his servants to take her into the woods and leave her there. They did it and at last the two older daughters were happy.

It so happened that a prince from another country (10) _______ in the woods at the moment. His dogs ran up to the tree where the princess (11) _______ and began to bark. The prince looked upward and saw the beautiful face of the unhappy girl. He spoke to her (12) _______ and asked her to come down. He put the girl on his horse and took her to his castle. The princess told him her sad story. The prince (13) _______ with her beauty, her goodness and her truthfulness. He fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. The girl, too, fell in love with him and she agreed.

A date (14) _______ for the wedding and invitations (15) _______ to all kingdoms. When the wedding day came, the royal guests arrived. The princess’s father and her two sisters were also among the guests. They didn’t recognize her, so sure they were that the princess (16) _______ in the woods.

When they took their seats at the banquet table, wonderful food of all kinds was out before the guests. But it (17) _______ and thus not tasty and there was no salt on the table. The guests couldn’t find any bread on the table, (18) _______ .

At last the princess’s father said: “I don’t understand it, but it seems to me that the two most precious things (19) _______ from the table.” “Ah!” the Princess said, “what are you speaking of?”

“I’m speaking about salt and bread,” answered her father.

“Yes,” the girl said, “they are (20) _______ things that we know. But once because I valued my father as (21) _______ as these things I (22) _______ out of his house and taken into the woods to die.”

When her father heard these words he recognized his daughter. He begged her him.

Then he punished the older daughters. It was their turn now to be driven out of the house. From that day on nothing (24) _______ of them.

1 older elder oldest eldest
2 whose whom what which
3 by at for in
4 was not loving do not love does not love did not love
5 daughters’s daughter’s daughters daughters’
6 a lot many much more
7 should can would will
8 compared had compared was comparing had been comparing
9 so the such so such a
10 was hunting were hunting had hunted had been hunting
11 was hiding hides is hiding had hidden
12 kind kindly more kind kinder
13 would impress was impressing was impressed impressed
14 will be set had set set was set
15 was sending sent were sent were sending
16 was died had died died will die
17 was not salting is not salted wasn’t salted salted
18 either neither too none
19 are missed is missing missing are missing
20 the precious more precious most precious the most precious
21 more highly high highly higher
22 was driven drove was driving was being driven
23 to forgive forgiving to be forgiven forgave
24 ever heard were ever heard was ever hearing was ever heard

1.A; 2.B; 3.C; 4.D; 5.D; 6.C; 7.C; 8.B; 9.B; 10.A; 11.A; 12.B; 13.C; 14.D; 15.C; 16.B; 17.C; 18.A; 19.D; 20.D; 21.C; 22.A; 23.A; 24.D

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