​Charisma: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Charisma is a collection of traits and behaviors that make you (1) _________ to other people. The word comes from the Greek word "charis," which means "grace" or "gift."

A person who is charismatic is exceptionally engaging, likeable, trustworthy, and, in many cases, a bit "magical." People with charisma are assertive, confident, inspiring, and warm. As such, it's great to be charismatic in business, even if you are not in a (2) _________role. When you have charisma, people want to work with you. They're (3) _________to your ideas, they trust your opinion, and they're more likely to be influenced by you. Though , remember that charisma can be (4) _________. Don't use it to manipulate others into doing something that is against their interests.

Leaders who are willing to (5) _________hardship are seen as more charismatic . Also, what people choose to say can (6) _________how charismatic they are.A common misconception about charisma is that it is closely linked with physical attractiveness. Although this can help you to be liked in some situations, it's certainly not a (7) _________for being charismatic. Beauty is only skin deep. Your actions and beliefs can (8) _________far more to thoughtful people than how you look.Charismatic people make others feel great. Instead of focusing on their own success, they spend a great deal of time and energy trying to (9) _________others up.

A (10) _________smile, when appropriate, can also help to make people feel good.

Sourse: https://www.mindtools

1 attract appeal inveigle apply
2 superiority guidance leading leadership
3 drawn attached stuck glued
4 misunderstood misinterpreted misused misconcepted
5 survive patient endure tolerate
6 affect effect guide cause
7 rule factor requirement question
8 indicate denote mean matter
9 make turn lift take
10 genuine actual live natural

1.B; 2.D; 3.A; 4.C; 5.C; 6.A; 7.C; 8.D; 9.C; 10.A

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