Chocolate: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

The Aztec Indian legend held that cacao seeds (1) _________ from Paradise and that wisdom and power came from eating the fruit of the cacao tree. (2) _________ a spelling error, probably by English traders long ago, the cacao beans became known (3) _________ the cocoa beans.

The Spanish general, Hernando Cortes, landed in Mexico in 1519. The Aztecs believed he was the reincarnation of one of their lost gods. They honored him by (4) _________ him an unusual drink, presented in a cup of pure gold. This unusual drink was called “chocolat”.

When Cortes returned to Spain, he took the cocoa bean with him and there it was mixed with sugar and vanilla. This sweet drink became fashionable and soon (5) _________ chocolate houses in all the capitals of Europe.

Milk chocolate was invented in 1876 by a Swiss chocolatier, Daniel Peter (1836-1919) of Vevey, Geneva. Daniel Peter successfully combined chocolate with powdered milk (6) _________ the first milk chocolate. Today, the finest chocolate is still made in Switzerland, and the consumption of milk chocolate (7) _________ outweighs that of plain chocolate.

1 had been brought have been brought were brought brought
2 Despite Due Because Because of
3 like as for how
4 service being served served serving
5 there were there was it was they were
6 to produce produce producing produced
7 yet far straight already


1.A; 2.D; 3.B; 4.D; 5.A; 6.A; 7.B

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