Deforestation: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Deforestation can harm the climate in the short-term. Forests play (1) __________ important ecological roles,(2) __________ water supplies, cooling the Earth’s surface and regulating rainfall patterns Forest loss (3) __________ hunger and malnutrition for those who can (4) __________ afford it. A new report (5) __________ forest preservation found that governments, businesses and donors invested (6) __________ in agriculture and land development  — (7) __________ $777 billion since 2010 — than they invested in reforestation — just $20 billion (8) __________ the same period. It will take at least (9) __________ than the $20 billion that forests are currently receiving(10) __________ a deforestation-free economy.

1 so much such a lot as many so many
2 are including protecting drinking included protecting drinking including protecting drinking including protected drinking
3 threatened threatens threaten threatening
4 list a little little least
5 over for on in
6 far more far the more far many further more
7 a little at least in the least less
8 over since above through
9 ten times many as ten times more ten times as more ten times much
10 to achieve achieving to be achieved to achieving

1.D; 2.C; 3.B; 4.D; 5.C; 6.A; 7.B; 8.A; 9.B; 10.A

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