​Designers. There Is / There Are.

​Designers. There Is / There Are.

Age: any

Level: from elementary to intermediate

Concerns: describing buildings, ambiences.


Students decide on a building to be described with there is/are + (not). 

A list of suggested ideas includes:

  • the worst/best school ever
  • a newly built sport club in the suburbs
  • a shabby building of the theatre/cinema
  • a modern computerised library
  • a ski resort in the desert
  • a summer resort on the island
  • a thematic cafe (students choose a theme for a cafe)
  • a science museum with rare exhibits
  • an extremely poor district (favela) for the destitute
  • a newly decorated and furnished office,
  • any ideas of yours.

Students do not tell each other which building they have chosen. While speaking in pairs or in a group they guess each other’s idea. 

Let students ask a plethora of questions to make their choice more precise.

This activity can be done only in a form of “question-answer” to practise more interrogatives. Students either choose a card with one of the ideas or choose it from a list. Then ask as many questions as possible to guess. 

“Is there a gym there?” 

“No, there is not”

Moreover, you may also modify the activity for using prepositions of place. Ask students to draw a plan of their building with no mentioning the names of the rooms or sections. Students speak in pairs asking “Is there a hall in the middle?” or “What is there in the corner?” , etc.

Another step is design any room or section in the building and describe it in detail: “There are not any comfortable seats in the old theatre.”…

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