​Dietary Restrictions: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

I know that sounds clinical, but if you’re lactose intolerant or a vegetarian or even just a picky (1)__________ , living with a host family could be tricky. Obviously, your host family will try to be (2) _________ of your needs, but if your diet is wiIdly different from (3) __________, things could get awkward.

For example, vegetarianism is uncommon in some countries, and you may (4)__________________ your host family that, no, you don't eat fish, and yes, you understand that fish is their specialty, but, no, that doesn't mean it's a vegetarian meal, Worst case scenario, your host family (5) ______________ if you don't like the food they're taking the time to prepare for you.

Conversely, if you (6) ____________ to trying new foods, your host family will provide you with at least one meal per day, and this is yet (7) _________ opportunity for cultural exchange. (8) ________________ local cuisine that has been home-cooked, rather than prepared in a restaurant, will feel more authentic,

Are you worried you might feef homesick? First of all, there's no shame in feeling homesick. Even experienced travelers have days when they (9)_________ culture shock, miss their families, and want to hug their cats. Many students studying abroad are (10) _________________ from home

they've ever been. When I left the United States tc study in Barcelona, (11) _____________ by myself before.

If you're worried about being far from home, making new friends, or feeling lonely, living with a host family could help. They can act (12)________ your support system while you're settling in and throughout your stay. Remember, they volunteered to host an exchange student because they wanted to meet someone like you.

1 eating eat eats eater
2 accommodating accomodated accomodate accommodation
3 their they them theirs
4 will have keep have to keep has keep had keep
5 might be offended might offend might have been offended might be offending
6 open are open opened are opened
7 another other the another others
8 Tried To try Trying To be trying
9 suffer for suffer at suffer of suffer from
10 the farthest the farther further furthest
11 have never flown never flew had never flown had never been flown
12 as like such as as if

1.D; 2.A; 3.D; 4.B; 5.A; 6.B; 7.A; 8.C; 9.D; 10.A; 11.C; 12.A

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