Difference: Dress - Wear - Put on

Difference: Dress - Wear - Put on
  1. I feel cold because I have dressed/ wore/put on lightly.
  2. Nobody has ever seen her dressed/ put on /wore in white.
  3. How can I recognize you? - I shall be putting on wearing/ dressinga pink scarf.
  4. Having put on /dressed a warm sweater in the morning, he felt hot and had to take it off.
  5. He is not a dandy at all. He dresses/ wears the same clothes for years.
  6. The kids hurriedly wore / put on their jackets and ran out of the house.
  7. It usually takes me five minutes to dress / put on /wear in the morning.
  8. She put on/ dressed / wore for dinner especially carefully on that day.
  9. All the company employees were putting on /dressed /wearing casual clothes.
  10. She wears/ dresses /puts on her hair loose.
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