​Education: Verbs

​Education: Verbs

1. She is going to __________ all she can about the subject of herbal treatment.

a) discover

b) realize

c) find out

2. Have you __________ for studying another foreign language this term.

a) inscribed

b) enrolled

c) engaged

3. Their progress is not easy to ___________

a) evaluate

b) count

c) estimate

4. Public schools in the US ________ for all levels of ability.

a) suit

b) cater

c) cope

5. The test has been held to _________ reading and listening skills of the children.

a) learn

b) assess

c) estimate

6. Enrolling in a college a person has to __________ all the required documents.

a) apply

b) enclose

c) submit

7. He was __________ from the university for his not meeting the deadlines.

a) exiled

b) expelled

c) exited

8. It was difficult for the teacher to mark the papers as she noticed that some students had _____________.

a) swotted

b) copied

c) cheated

9. We have to ____________ your homework in case there are mistakes.

a) go over

b) come through

c) see through

10. Emily's aunt __________ her in Mathematics before the exam.

a) taught

b) trained

c) coached


1. c

2. b

3. a

4. b

5. b

6. c

7. b


9. a

10. c

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