​Ex-Famous: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

​Ex-Famous: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Every time Joe Mangold went into his local shop or local café or walked down his street, he looked at other people (1) _________ . He wanted to see if people were looking at him. He wanted to see if anyone recognized him.

Joe was in a strange situation. Two years ago, it was impossible for him (2) _________ more than a few steps before somebody stopped him and asked if it was really (3)_________ , and then they wanted an autograph or a photo. Two years ago, Joe Mangold was «Joe from HouseMates».

HouseMates was one of the most successful reality TV shows of all time. (4) _________ of people watched HouseMates. Joe had been in the famous house, with all the others. People watched Joe every morning when he woke up, every day when he ate and chatted with (5) _________ people in the house, and even every night when he was asleep. (6) _________ the truth, he didn’t like being in the HouseMates house much anyway. He didn’t like (7)_________ all the time. But because he was the first person out of the HouseMates house (8) _________ being famous.

He liked being famous, but he didn’t like being stopped every five minutes, he didn’t like not being able to walk down the street without people (9) _________ at him and shouting to him. He liked to be called «Joe Mangold» and not «Joe from HouseMates», which seemed (10) _________ his new name. However, being famous was (11) _________ than being ex-famous. Now he was nobody. He thought about doing something else with his life, but the truth was Joe had never been very good at anything. He (12) _________ a few jobs, but was never successful at anything. HouseMates had been the only success in his life.

He wondered what was worse: being famous or not being famous. Both, he thought, (13)_________ better than being ex-famous.

One day a woman came up to him.

«Excuse me... I hope you don’t mind (14) _________ …»

«Not at all...» !

«Did you (15) _________ Joe from HouseMates?»

«Erm... yes... actually, I am still Joe... but now I’m usually called just Joe Mangold...»

«Wow! What a surprise! Joe from HouseMates! Incredible!» The woman smiled and looked around her as if she couldn’t believe that she was the only person

(16) _________ Joe from HouseMates. Listen», she continued. «This really is a coincidence (17)_________ you here».

«Why?» asked Joe.

«I work for a TV production company, and we have just had a brilliant idea».

«Oh yeah. What’s that?»

«We’re going to do a reality TV show... »

«There’s nothing

(18) _________ about that...» said Joe.

«No, but this (19) _________ will be different. This reality show uses people who  (20) _________ on reality shows in the past... and puts them all together in a big house!!!»

«Oh... » said Joe. «What an interesting idea. I’m not sure that I’m really... »

«You’ll be great in it!» said the woman. «It’s called Ex-Famous!»

«Thanks», said Joe. «But, to tell the truth, I’d prefer just (21) _________ famous at all, thanks...»

# A B C D
1 carelessness carefulness carefully careful
2 gone going go to go
3 himself he his him
4 Millionth Millions’ Millions Million
5 the other the others others another
6 To be told Told Telling To tell
7 watching watched to being watched being watched
8 to be enjoying to enjoying enjoying enjoyed
9 point pointing to point pointed
10 be has been to be being
11 much the best best much better more better
12 have have has had have had had had
13 was were are to be
14 me asking me to ask mine asking me being asked
15 use being use to being use to be used to be
16 to be recognized recognized recognizing to recognize
17 being met to be met meeting met
18 to be amazed amazing amazed to amaze
19 one’s once one ones
20 have all been had all been has all been were all
21 not being not to be not be not would be

1.C; 2.D; 3.D; 4.C; 5.A; 6.D; 7.D; 8.A; 9.B; 10.C; 11.C; 12.D; 13.B; 14.A; 15.C; 16.D; 17.C; 18.B; 19.C; 20.A; 21.B

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