Family Worries: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test (Level B2)

It was a three-block walk from the bus to the nursery school where Juanita had (1) _______ her little daughter this morning on her way to work. Juanita hurried, knowing she was late. The little girl ran toward her as she (2) _______ the small playroom in the basement of a private house. Though the house, like others in the area, was old and in (3) _______, the school rooms were clean and cheerful — the reason Juanita had chosen the school in preference to others, though the (4) _______ was higher and it was (5) _______ for her to pay. It was obvious from the stillness around that the other children were all gone. Miss Ferroe, who owned and (6) _______ the school, came in and looked pointedly at her watch. ‘Mrs Nunez, as a special favour I agreed that Estella could stay after the others, but this is too late... Other parents (7) _______ the school’s closing time.’

‘It won’t happen again, I promise, ’said Juanita. ‘Very well. But since you are here, Mrs.Nunez, may I (8) _______ you that last month’s bill for Estella had not been paid.’ ‘I really am sorry, Miss Ferroe. It will be paid on Friday. I’ll have my paycheck then.’ The school (9) _______ , Juanita decided, would have to come out of her pay this week, as she had said, and somehow she must (10) _______ until the payday after that. She wasn’t sure how.

Her wage as a teller at the bank was $83 . Out of that there was food to buy for the two of them, plus rent of the tiny flat they lived in. Before Carlos, her husband, left her, simply walking out and disappearing a year ago, Juanita had been naive enough (11) _______ finance papers together with her husband. He had bought suits, a used car, a colour TV on credit, all of which he took with him. Juanita, however, was still paying and the (12) _______ seemed to stretch on into a limitless future.

1 left retired resigned cancelled
2 came set foot entered joined
3 shabby disrepair messy dirty
4 expense amount fare cost
5 hard hardly firm solid
6 performed fulfilled ran serviced
7 observe fix judge point
8 remain remind memorize prompt
9 fine penalty fares fees
10 maintain manage cope haggle
11 to prescribe to subscribe to sign to signify
12 installments parts shares bills


1.A; 2.C; 3.B; 4.D; 5.A; 6.C; 7.A; 8.B; 9.D; 10.B; 11.C; 12.A

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