​Flour Sacking: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

​Flour Sacking: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

( 1) _______’s more depressing than a trend born of (2) _______ Great Depression, when nothing in America (3) _______ : even flour sacks became the go-to dress material for women everywhere.The height of the trend came in the late 1930s, when rural fashion (4) _______ to its heyday due to country women who could sew (5) _______ and became the fashionistas of their era dominating the national sewing competitions that (6) _______ up across the US.

Thriftiness was in fashion, and the fashion trend — flour sacking — (7) _______ on everywhere. Women who (8) _______ really adept at flour sack dresses even managed (9) ______

- extra money by (10) _______ their dresses to (11) _______ and participating in contests where women could show off their flour sack creations, which gave flour sack dresses their own sort of fashion clout. Later , savvy sack makers were catering to the trend by (12) _______ bags in brighter colors and with more intricate patterns, hoping their products (13) _______ because of the (14) _______ packaging. Large sacks of feed and flour were particularly desirable, as they provided (15) _______ material.

1 What That Why Which
2 the a an
3 wasted was wasted was wasting was wasting
4 raised rose was risen was raising
5 neat and quick neatly and quickly neater and quckly more neat and quick
6 is sprung springs sprung has sprung
7 carried turned got caught
8 will be have been was were
9 to earning to be earned to earn earning
10 being sold selling to be sold sailing
11 another others other the other
12 productive being produced production producing
13 would be favored will be favoured would be favouring are being favoured
14 most pretty more prettier more pretty prettier
15 many much few little

1.a; 2.a; 3.b; 4.b; 5.b; 6.c; 7.d; 8.d; 9.c; 10.b; 11.b; 12.d; 13.a; 14.d; 15.b

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