​Food: Adjectives

​Food: Adjectives

1. She wanted to lose some weight so she ate ________ meat and little carbohydrates.

a) clean

b) lean

c) thin

2. He could not eat much as the food was _________ and unappetising.

a) savoury

b) tasty

c) bland

3. People who have digestion problems cannot eat _______ dishes.

a) stodgy

b) savoury

c) bland

4. I could not drink the tea. It was so __________.

a) tasty

b) flavourful

c) sickly

5. Cut down on crisps and street food. They are so __________.

a) fattening

b) lean

c) seasoned

6. Most nationalities eat something __________ for dinner.

a) exquisite

b) bland

c) substantial

7. Ukrainian ___________ products include wheat, buckwheat, eggs, meat and dairy products.

a) staple

b) stodgy

c) necessary

8. Roast potatoes were served with cracklings, greens and _________ vegetables.

a) flavored

b) savoury

c) pickled

9. It was Megan's anniversary so they had decided to have an __________ dinner at the restaurant.

a) nutritious

b) exquisite

c) inclusive

10. For dessert they served a __________ cake with delicious cream.

a) layered

b) crammed

c) pleated


1. b

2. c

3. a

4. c

5. a

6. c

7. a

8. c

9. b

10. a

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