​Food: Nouns

​Food: Nouns

1. He ate a little turkey as he preferred _________ to meat.

a) fish

b) cereal

c) poultry

2. Add a little _____________ to your apple pie – it will taste better.

a) cinnamon

b) cardamom

c) turmeric

3. They recommend trying local seafood: mussels, mackerel, shrimps and __________.

a) courgettes

b) poultry

c) oysters

4. Different cereals – oats, barley, wheat and _________ are grown in the country.

a) cauliflower

b) rye

c) basil

5. __________ is a common additive to soups and stewed dishes to add flavour.

a) bay leaf

b) flax

c) hake

6. They hunted some ___________ and want to have it cooked for dinner.


b) mackerel

c) partridge

7. ___________ seeds are often added to bakery, cereal, salads and casseroles.

a) cinnamon

b) rosemary

c) flax

8. You'd better add some __________ to the potatoes to have a better taste.

a) coriander

b) parsley

c) flax

9. As for fish I prefer salmon, __________ and sea bass.

a) trout

b) basil

c) veal

10. ____________ is a key ingredient of many Asian dishes.

a) parsley

b) turnip

c) turmeric


1. c

2. a

3. c

4. b

5. a

6. c

7. c

8. b

9. a

10. c

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