Heredity: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

The genes for certain characteristics are (0)       D       passed down from parents to children. For example, parents with brown eyes often (1)________ birth to children with brown eyes.

(2)________ now and again, though, this doesn't work and parents with brown eyes can have a blue-eyed baby. This is explained by a(n) (3)________ called segregation.

Hereditary traits are (4)________ by specific genes and each individual carries two genes for each trait, one from each parent. When an individual reproduces, the two genes (5)________ up or segregate into the two types of male and female cells that join (6)________ to make a new individual.

Inherited characteristics come from (7)________ genes. There is a different gene for each (8)________ characteristic. There is a gene for height, a gene for hair colour, a gene for eye colour and so on. Variations of the gene for the same trait are (9)________ alleles.

In each gene (10)________ one of the two genes is dominant over the other. The dominant allele will hide the recessive allele. For example, if, the father gives a brown allele of the eye colour gene, and the mother gives a blue allele, the child will have brown eyes. This is why brown eye colour is dominant and blue is recessive. Sometimes two genes are co-dominant, as in the (11)________ of skin colour, for example. The child of a dark skinned person and a pale skinned person, therefore, will be a (12)________ of the two.

0 offered brought given passed
1 deliver have provide give
2 Some Each Every All
3 principle belief way example
4 made determined detected resolved
5 rip split break give
6 together across with in
7 precise special specific exact
8 different other opposite else
9 entitled called said told
10 pair couple team twin
11 event instance situation case
12 union combination match total

1.D; 2.C; 3.A; 4.B; 5.B; 6.A; 7.C; 8.A; 9.B; 10.A; 11.D; 12.B

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