Hippo’s Attack

After years of serving in the British Army and travelling the world (1) _________ adventure and danger, Paul Templer decided to settle (2) _________ in his native Zimbabwe and become a river guide. During one routine trip, he was leading a group of tourists down the Zambezi River when he encountered a surprise attack from one of Africa's (3) _________ animals - a bull hippo. The hippo almost overturned one of the canoes, (4) _________ guide into the hazardous water. Templer jumped in (5) _________ his colleague, but the huge hippo sprang up (6) _________ them and swallowed Tempter's head, simultaneously (7) _________ his arms by his side with his razor-sharp teeth.The hippo carried him under water, and momentarily dazed, all Templer could think was "wow, it's dark in here". Somehow, he unscrewed his body, levered himself out of the hippo's jaws and swam to the surface – but the (8) _________ attack wasn't over. The hippo mauled Templer several more times, ripping his foot, severing his arm, breaking ribs and tearing holes in his back and chest. After a (9) _________ operation - which involved the amputation of the severed arm - Templer began the long road to recovery. (10) _________ , he still leads safari trips, as well as being a coach, public speaker and a key fundraiser for the children’s charity "Make-a-Difference".

1 to pursue pursue pursuing pursued
2 down for in on
3 most dangerous the most dangerous much dangerous far more dangerous
4 thrown throwing threw to throw
5 saving saved to save to be saved
6 between among amid amongs
7 being pinned to pin pinned pinning
8 to frenzy frenzying frenzied frenzy
9 seven hours seventh hour seven-hour seventh hours
10 Undeterring Undeter Undeterringly Undeterred

1.C; 2.A; 3.A; 4.B; 5.C; 6.A; 7.D; 8.C; 9.C; 10.D

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