Holiday Complaints: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

Holiday Complaints: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

There are too many people in Britain today who are (0)________ to complain rather than enjoy their holiday and who (1)________ the word about how easy it is to (2)________ money back from the travel industry which appears to have become paralyzed with fear over bad (3)________.

I recently heard a middle-aged woman protesting bitterly that she had to pay for the (4)________ of a golf cart during an all-inclusive golfing holiday in Jamaica and demanded back all the money spent on the cart (5)________ with more for the ` distress` she had been (6)________. A friend of mine recently (7)________ a group of young lads deciding before they even (8)________ the aircraft, what they were going to complain about to get a (9)________ on the cost of their holiday and which high-value item would be `lost` during the (10)________.

Last month a Manchester man led a `mutiny` of 200 passengers on a (11)________ ship because, he said, the bingo prize was not big enough. This week I heard details of a honeymoon (12)________ who were sent a big bouquet of flowers by the tour operator and then complained that it was too big and (13)________ them from moving freely about their hotel room. These types, who we have all met in airport (14)________ just make the (15)________ of us suffer, when they lie and fool tour operators into handing cash back.

0 used accustomed ready fit
1 give spread pass tell
2 get take ask award
3 review publicity media reputation
4 loan rent let hire
5 plus together as extra
6 caused suffered done made
7 listened overheard remarked suspected
8 took landed boarded caught
9 deposit guarantee refund cut
10 travel ride excursion trip
11 ferry tour cruise cargo
12 pair couple duo double
13 harmed prevented limited reduced
14 lounges spaces halls sitting-rooms
15 others rest else left

1.B; 2.A; 3.B; 4.D; 5.B; 6.A; 7.B; 8.C; 9.C; 10.D; 11.C; 12.B; 13.B; 14.A; 15.B

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