​How Television has Changed: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

​How Television has Changed: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test

You really have to get very old before you realize you’re old. I’m in my middle fifties and I don’t feel old yet. However, sometimes I look back at my childhood and (1) ________ things to the way life is for (2) ________ kids. Some things have certainly changed.

One area of change is television. Some changes have been improvements. Some changes, on the other hand, have been (3) ________.

When I started school, most people didn’t have a television; TV was just beginning to get (4) ________. My father decided to go all out and buy a 16 inch black and white Motorola set. I still remember watching the Lone Ranger save people from the (5) ________ guys on that awesome electronic machine. That was (6) ________ !

Now, televisions have larger pictures in (7) _________ color. The pictures are clearer and the sound is much more realistic. The new high definition sets are made to rival (8) ________ screens. The variety and quantity of programming has (9) ________ greatly. There are hundreds of channels and more shows than one person could ever watch. There are many fine (10) ________ and educational shows. There’s also a lot of garbage, stuff that most parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to. Overall, we have more (11) ________, and that is good.

I wonder what television will be like when today’s kids are my (12) _______ .

1 forget remember compare miss
2 today’s yesterday’s tomorrow’s poor
3 great huge setbacks remarkable
4 public demanding expensive popular
5 old good bad best
6 stimulation exciting increasing inducing
7 absolute total complete full
8 movie video Picture cartoon
9 swollen increased decreased strengthened
10 recreation entertainment leisure extravagant
11 collections decisions choices options
12 status stage generation age


1.C; 2.A; 3.C; 4.D; 5.C; 6.B; 7.D; 8.A; 9.В; 10.В; 11.B; 12.D

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