​I am going to grandma’s

​I am going to grandma’s

Age: up to ten

Level: elementary/pre-intermediate

Concerns: am going to do, everyday objects

Procedure: work in pairs or groups, go over the vocabulary list of things to take with to granny’s (you can use pictures or the cards with the words).

  • a dress
  • a comb
  • a mirror
  • pet food
  • an apple-pie
  • flowers
  • rubber boots
  • a swimming suit
  • crayons
  • a fishing line
  • a ball
  • sandals
  • sun glasses
  • your choice...

Children choose what they are going to take with them:

I am going to take sunglasses. I am going to lie in the sun. I am going to walk a lot…


Children guess who is going to take what:

Are you going to take sunglasses? Are you going to lie in the sun?

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