Ikea Service: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

People in the UK are used (1) ________ excellent customer service in the shops and are not used to doing things (2) _______. We saw a TV programme about IKEA. The main idea of it was a bad customer service, inconvenience customers suffer putting furniture together. All (3) _______ complaints looked ridiculous to us.

Manuals from IKEA on assembling furniture are (4) _______ clear that a child can do it. They contain no words at all — just (5) _______ steps on how to assemble it. I remember (6) ________ hall furniture in our apartment. 30% of holes were not matching and I had to drill holes with a bigger diameter or at different angles to put pieces together. The mirror was much (7) _______ than the place for it and I had to drill new holes and cut metal shelf holders (8) _______. It took me a week. I am sure that many people have the same ’nice’ memories about assembling furniture. We (9) _______ a bookcase with several shelves in British IKEA once. ’Cheap and cheerful’ as people say. I assembled the thing in 15 minutes. Every hole was exactly in its place. We (10) _______ it even without instruction manuals just using common sense. So we are very pleased with shop services here and don’t understand why people complain.

1 to have had to have to having have
2 lonely own self themselves
3 it these that this
4 too so such as
5 detailed details detailing detail
6 assembly assembled assembling to assemble
7 as big bigger big the biggest
8 to make everything fit to make everything to fit to be made everything fit to making everything fit
9 have bought bought were buying would buy
10 would be assembling have been assembled were assembling would have assembled

1.C; 2.D; 3.B; 4.B; 5.A; 6.C; 7.B; 8.A; 9.B; 10.D

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