Michelangelo: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Michelangelo: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Michelangelo was, perhaps, the greatest artist in history. He painted(1) _________famous Sistine Chapel. His experience proved one thing: creativity is work. Michelangelo had 6,000 (2) _________feet of ceiling to cover - the size of four average house roofs.

Anyone who (3) _________a ceiling with a paint roller has caught a hint of the physical difficulty of (4) _________task. But Michelangelo’s plan (5) _________for 300 separate, (6) _________portraits of men and women. For more than three years the artist devoted all his laborious exhausting strain to (7) _________the vast overhead space with his tiny brushes.

Sometimes he painted standing on a huge scaffold, a paintbrush (8) _________over his head. Sometimes he sat, his nose inches from the ceiling. Sometimes he painted while (9) _________on his back. His back, shoulders, neck, and arms cramped (10) _________.

In the long days of summer he had light (11) _________17 hours a day, taking food and a chamber pot with him on the sixty (12) _________scaffold. For 30 days (13) _________a stretch he slept in his clothes, not even (14) _________his boots. Paint dribbled into his eyes so he could barely see. Freezing in the winter, sweating in the summer, he painted until at last the ceiling looked like a ceiling no more. He (15) _________it into the piece of drama, with creatures so real that they seemed to breathe.

1 Rome Rome’s Romes Romes’
2 squareness squarish square squares
3 has painted paints had painted painting
4 so a such so such a
5 called longed ran was
6 has detailed details detail detailed
7 to paint painting be painted paint
8 height highly high higher
9 laying lying lain laid
10 more painfully painfullness painful painfully
11 to paint painting paints painted
12 feet foots feet foot
13 on by at with
14 to take off taking off take off took off
15 had transformed has transformed transformed transforms

1.B; 2.C; 3.A; 4.D; 5.A; 6.D; 7.B; 8.C; 9.B; 10.D; 11.A; 12.D; 13.C; 14.B; 15.A

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