Mistakes in Print: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Have you ever seen a (1)__________ word on a sign? Or a sign with the wrong punctuation? Those kinds of mistakes really bother Jeff Deck. He decided last summer that he could make the world a better place by correcting mistakes, or (2) __________, on signs.

Deck is now driving around the US looking for mistakes in print. So far, he (3)________ more than 5,000 miles. When Deck (4)________ a mistake, he asks the store owner or shop manager if he can fix it. He carries a supply of markers, crayons, and Wite-Outs so he can correct almost (5)________ mistake he finds. Most of the people who own the signs are happy to let Deck (6)________ errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

«We want to help people out», said Deck. It’s not about making anybody (7)________ or making somebody look stupid, he added. Everybody (8)________ mistakes, and his goal is correcting (9)________ mistakes.

Deck said he finds a lot of little errors, (10)________ apostrophes in the wrong places. For example, he corrected a sign that said Todays Special’s to read Today’s Specials. In one town he saw a misspelled sign at a company (11)________ paper "stationary" instead of stationery.

Deck thinks that (12)________ errors can cause more mistakes. If people see a word misspelled in print or on a sign, they might think the sign is right, he says.

Deck is not sure why he sees so many typos these days. He thinks maybe people aren’t being taught enough about spelling and punctuation.

1 misspelling misspell misspellable misspelled
2 typoes typo’s typos’ typos
3 travelled has been travelling has travelled had travelled
4 found finds will find has been found
5 no all some any
6 correct to correct correcting to be corrected
7 to feel feel feeling felt
8 make makes made is making
9 that this those these
10 as so as like alike
11 selling sold was selling has sold
12 printing printed printable print

1.D; 2.D; 3.C; 4.B; 5.D; 6.A; 7.B; 8.B; 9.D; 10.C; 11.A; 12.B

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