My Promise: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

I do not think it (1) _________ for many people at the age of six to be able to predict their future with (2) _________ accuracy. However, at that age I felt (3) _________ to inform my mother that I intended to have my own zoo and moreover, I added, I (4) _________ her a cottage in the grounds to live (5) _________. If my mother had been an American parent, she (6) _________ me to the nearest psychiatrist; however, (7) _________ fairly phlegmatic, she merely said she thought that it (8) _________ lovely and (9) _________ forgot all about it. She should (10) _________ since, from the age of two, I had been filling matchboxes and my pockets with a wide variety of the smaller fauna that came on my way, (11) _________ the progress from a matchbox to a zoo (12) _________ predicted. It is nice to record though that, before she died, I (13) _________ my promise and taken her to live in my zoo, not in a cottage but in a manor house.

Gerald Durrell

1 impossibly possibility possible possibly
2 an any the no
3 enough confidently confidently enough enough confident confident enough
4 had given gave would give will give
5 in at by
6 must have rushed will have rushed should probably rush would probably have rushed
7 being to be been was
8 would be will be had been be
9 unpromptly prompt promptly promptness
10 have warned has been warned have been warning have been warned
11 so even though Such
12 could be predicting could have could have been may be
13 will fulfil had been fulfilled had fulfilled have fulfilled

1.C; 2.B; 3.D; 4.C; 5.B; 6.D; 7.A; 8.A; 9.C; 10.D; 11.A; 12.C

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