My Suitcase (This is a...)

My Suitcase (This is a...)

Level: starters

Age: kids

Skills: this is a… in my suitcase, alphabetical order, initial letter sounds.

Draw a funny suitcase on the board or bring a real suitcase in the class.

Teacher: This is my funny suitcase. This is an apple in my suitcase. This is a book in my suitcase… (as many words as many children in the class). You can write the words on the board if needed.

A player begins the game by saying what this is in his/her suitcase. Another player repeats the object previously named, writes the initial sound on the board and adds another object and so on.


1. You can name the words in the alphabetic order and write them down on the board.

2. You can play this game using the other structures: I have got… in my suitcase. There is … in my suitcase, etc

3. With older kids you can play I am packing my suitcase to my granny. I am putting… or I am packing my suitcase for my trip. I am putting…

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