​Pick Your own: Multiple choice Vocabulary Test

Have you ever passed an English farm (0)       B         displaying the sign, “Pick your own”, and wondered what it meant? Tessa Simon became intrigued after seeing such a sign outside a local farm five years ago, and went to (1)________ She was delighted to discover that members of the public were (2)________ to go and pick fruit and vegetables from the fields for themselves and pay accordingly.  

Tessa (3)________ her first visit during the month of June when her favourite fruit, the strawberry, was in season. She (4)________ the hundreds of other people, including small children with their parents, in (5)________ of the ripest, juiciest strawberries. In her enthusiasm, she quickly picked (6)________ than she could carry, succeeding in filling five carrier bags! (7)________ she went to get the bags weighed in the farm shop, she was charged less than any supermarket would charge.

Nowadays, Tessa is (8)________ skilled at picking her own fruit and vegetables. She has the peak seasons for each fruit and vegetable (9)________ on her calendar. She then heads for the farm with her containers and some snacks (10)________ her energy up, and she always gets a nearly start to ensure she doesn’t (11)________ up to an empty field! It is possible to buy freshly picked goods from the farm shop, but Tessa enjoys the satisfaction of (12)________ out the products herself before taking them home to make some lovely home-cooked dishes!

0 showing displaying presenting demonstrating
1 examine study investigate inspect
2 permitted accepted received let
3 constructed made formed completed
4 joined united connected attached
5 look search hurt chase
6 more much lot many
7 While Although As When
8 very much lot too
9 stained printed exhibited marked
10 maintain uphold keep sustain
11 arrive turn lead travel
12 picking selecting choosing deciding

1.C; 2.A; 3.B; 4.A; 5.B; 6.A; 7.D; 8.A; 9.D; 10.C; 11.B; 12.A

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