Present Active vs Past Active

Present Active vs Past Active

Which phrase is in Present/Past Active form?  

Make up a full sentence and add a time expression to each phrase. Make each sentence negative and interrogative. Find three mistakes, explain why they are wrong.

  1. has taken a photo,
  2. have had chips and fish for lunch,
  3. did not sleep,
  4. was not a vegetarian,
  5. had had indigestion,
  6. it cost a lot,
  7. has been having a shower,
  8. plays the guitar,
  9. had been keeping in the fridge,
  10. were watching the house,
  11. is angry,
  12. is owning his business,
  13. paid the fine,
  14. are brushing the suit,
  15. has read the instructions,
  16. had made a mistake,
  17. were cooking the muffins,
  18. sells fruit,
  19. did it on purpose,
  20. is stroking a cat,
  21. am angry,
  22. the teacher is explaining,
  23. has won,
  24. had been enjoying the performance,
  25. have finished the exercise,
  26. were wearing seat belts,
  27. were smelling good,
  28. is not minding.


  1. has taken a photo,
  2. have had chips and fish for lunch, 
  3. has been having a shower,
  4. plays the guitar, 
  5. is angry,
  6. is owning his business,
  7. are brushing the suit,
  8. has read the instructions,
  9. sells fruit,
  10. is stroking a cat,
  11. am angry,
  12. the teacher is explaining,
  13. has won, 
  14. have finished the exercise,
  15. is not minding.


  1. is owning his business,
  2. were smelling good,
  3. is not minding.
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