Reality Shows: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Love them or hate them, we all know what they are. It isn't a completely new idea. I remember (1) _________ a programme called Candid Camera when I was a child. Normal members of the public — who had no idea that they (2) _________ and tricked into doing ridiculous things and it was sometimes very funny.

And now we have those Funniest Home Videos programmes instead. Then things changed. European television had the idea of taking ordinary people and turning them into «stars» by (3) _________them in unusual situations. Big Brother (created in Holland) was one of the first. A group of people in a small house with cameras (4) _________24 hours a day. It was called «a watch and dial» show because viewers vote by telephone (5) _________who should leave or stay.

Or Survivor where a group of people (6) _________in a hostile environment, like a jungle or a desert island.

Big Brother was probably the first of the new reality shows but the genre has developed. Many (7) _________by having a theme to them, but most are based on the principle of survivalof (8) _________by eliminating participants as the series progresses.

So there are any number of sports-based shows which have sometimes led to contestants (9) _________deals tobecome professionals in the real world. Certainly, reality TV seems (10) _________much more to the younger audience. And now there are so many shows around even the young (11) _________more discriminating. The genre will probably survive — it's just no longer (12) _________easy to make a successful one.

1 loving love to love being loved
2 were being filmed being filmed filmed were filming
3 being putting putting be put put
4 are running running to be run run
5 being decided decided to be decided to decide
6 have put put arc put arc putting
7 found have found had found are found
8 fit fittest the fit the fittest
9 getting are getting gotten  get
10 appeal to be appealed appealing to appeal
11 have become has become becomes are become
12 too such so as

1.A; 2.A; 3.B; 4.B; 5.D; 6.C; 7.B; 8.D; 9.A; 10.D; 11.A; 12.C

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