Scorpion Sting: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

(1) _________ a trip through Central America, Bill Ruzgis of Long Beach, California, was stung by an unknown creature while he was sleeping at a lodge in Belize. "Suddenly, my left knee felt like I (2) _________ with an ice pick. (3) _________ back the sheets, I failed to see what stung me. Minutes later, my fingers, tongue, and mouth began to tingle. Not good, I thought, since I had no idea what stung me and was not close to any medical facility.

My heart began to race and I began to perspire. I remembered a doctor once told me that if your condition (4) _________ progressively get worse, it was "not serious." So there I lay, wide-awake for hours physiologically (5) _________, but my symptoms did not get worse. (6) _________ dawn I contacted our guide and the lodge manager, who told me that I (7) _________ through a non-lethal scorpion sting.They said I (8) _________ back to normal in 12 to 14 hours."

1 On In At By
2 is stabbed had been stabbed will be stabbed to be stabbed
3 Throwing Threw Thrown Throw
4 is not do not did not does no
5 disturb disturbing disturbed to disturb
6 On At In By
7 have suffered was suffering has suffered had suffered
8 will would be would be

1.A; 2.B; 3.A; 4.C; 5.C; 6.B; 7.D; 8.D

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