Shoplifter: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test (Level B2)

Shoplifter: Multiple Choice Vocabulary Test (Level B2)

Joe Brian was a thief. He had been in prison several times. Last time he was sentenced to ten months in prison for shoplifting when he tried to (1) _______ a silver necklace for his girlfriend Susie.

On the day he left prison, first he had a good meal in a restaurant, then went to a cinema. He (2) _______ being free again. He (3) _______ a long walk in town looking at the windows. He had a few dollars and wanted to buy a present for his girlfriend Susie. He saw a pretty silk dressing gown in one window but he didn’t like the colour, he saw a green and white striped cotton blouse in another shop window but he didn’t like the (4)_______ .

He looked at a fur cap in another shop but it was too (5) _______ . Then he saw a nice leather belt and first he thought that Susie would also like it. He was just (6) _______ to buy it but he changed his mind and thought it would make a (7) _______ present.

Then he went into a jewelry’s shop. There he saw a nice gold bracelet on the counter.

He always (8) _______ a present like that. He had a quick look around and saw (9) _______ , was watching him. The assistant was showing diamond engagement ring to a customer. The next minute the gold bracelet was in Joe’s pocket and he (10) _______ for the door.

At that moment, he felt a hand on his shoulder. ‘Young man,’ said the owner of the shop, ‘I saw you steal a bracelet. I’ll have to call the police.’ Joe went (11) _______ . ‘Oh, no. Don’t do that. I’ll pay for the bracelet. Yes, I’ll pay for it.’

The owner of the shop then (12) _______ a look at the gold bracelet and said, ‘All right.

It’ll be $600.’ ‘Well,’ said Joe, ‘couldn’t you show me anything cheaper? Really don’t want to spend that much.’

1 steal appropriate embezzle poach
2 rejoiced delighted enjoyed liked
3 carried took brought get
4 diagram device pattern figure
5 stiff lavish rich expensive
6 going moving passing leaving
7 unfortunate poor weak miserable
8 called for was short of wanted missed
9 anybody somebody nobody everybody
10 appeared started began departed
11 weak pale faded feeble
12 caught got brought took


1.a; 2.c; 3.b; 4.c; 5.d; 6.a; 7.b; 8.c; 9.c; 10.b; 11.b; 12.d

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