Shuttle: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Space shuttle Endeavour and (1) _________ seven astronauts safely returned to the Earth on Sunday. Endeavour touched down in California, finishing up a (2) _________ . The space (3) _________ journey, short by comparison, covered 6.6 (4) _________ miles and 250 orbits of the Earth.

«Welcome back. That was a great way to finish a fantastic flight», Mission Control radioed. «And we’re happy (5) _________ here in California», shuttle commander Christopher Ferguson replied.

(6) _________ home from a six-month mission was former space station resident Gregory Chamitoff, who (7) _________ away from the planet at the end of May.

Although NASA always prefers to land the space shuttles at its home base in Florida, and that’s where the (8) _________ families were waiting, but the crosswind at the Florida landing strip was too strong, and thunderstorms moved in. (9) _________ outlook was just as depressing; so NASA officials said it would make no sense (10) _________ Endeavour in orbit an extra day if the weather (11) _________ to improve in Florida. As Endeavour passed over Houston, home to Mission Control, Ferguson could see all the bad weather in Florida.

«I think you (12) _________ a right decision», he radioed.

It took about a week and (13) _________ $1.8 million to transport a shuttle from California to Florida.

1 it it’s its its’
2 16-day trips 16th-day trip 16-days trip 16-day trip
3 shuttle’s shuttles shuttles’ shuttle
4 million’s millionth million millions
5 to being to be be being
6 Having returned Being return Returned Have returning
7 has rocketed had rocketed rocketed have rocketed
8 astronauts astronauts’s astronaut’s astronauts’
9 Mondays Monday Monday’s Monday’
10 to keep keeping keep to be kept
11 didn’t expect hadn’t expected was not expected expected
12 make has made made did
13 cost costing has cost was costing

1.C; 2.D; 3.A; 4.C; 5.B; 6.A; 7.B; 8.D; 9.C; 10.A; 11.C; 12.C; 13.A

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