​Study Abroad Opportunities: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Education Abroad (1) __________ a variety of study abroad opportunities for students to learn in over 25 countries. (2) __________ include: semester exchanges, dual degree programs, summer and short (3) __________ programs, international internships, and service learning. Programs range (4) __________ one week to one year and award academic credit. Education Abroad facilitates the incoming and outgoing exchange process and works (5) __________ with our international partner universities(6) __________ new academic programming and exchanges.

The Education Abroad Office provides extensive (7) __________ assistance for both students and faculty program leaders, (8) __________ pre-departure orientation sessions. The staff members have extensive experience in study Abroad and (9) __________ offer seasoned, insightful (10) __________ and information to anyone considering or planning a study abroad experience.

1 offer offers is offered is offering
2 These That This Those
3 term terms term’s terming
4 within of about from
5 closely close more close most close
6 to develop to be developed developing developed
7 to plan planning is planning planned
8 to include included includes including
9 will be able are able are able to being able to
10 advising advised adviser is advising

1.B; 2.A; 3.A; 4.A; 5.A; 6.A; 7.B; 8.D; 9.C; 10.A

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