Test 3

Test 3

Correct the words in bold

1. The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week.

2. The company representative have just sold a sewing machine.

3. The taxi driver told the man to don't allow his disobedient son to hang out the window.

4. These televisions are quiet popular in Europe.

5. Henry seldom pays his bills on time, and his brother does too.

6. The price of crude oil used to be a great deal lower than now, wasn't it ?

7. When an university formulates new regulations, itmust relay its decision to the students and faculty.

8. Jim was upset last night because he had to do too many homeworks.

9. There is some scissors in the desk drawer in the bedroom if you need them.

10. The Board of Realtors doesn’t have any informations about the increase in rent for this area.

11. The news are great to share with everyone.

12. Greg is not enough intelligent to pass this economics class without help.

13. There were so much people trying to leave the burning building that the police had a great deal of trouble controlling them.

14. John lived in England since I960. He adores his homeland.

15. The fire began in the fifth floor of the hotel, but it very soon spread to adjacent floors.

16. Mrs. Anderson bought last week a new sports car; however, she has yet to learn how to operate the manual gearshift.

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