Test 4

Correct the words in bold

  1. Ann is the only person which understands me, I can rely on her.
  2. I should like to live in the country where there are plenty of sunshine.
  3. I haven't seen my bosom friend from the time he got married.
  4. Unfortunately I had not been at home when you telephoned me last time.
  5. The strike at the car factory, which lasted ten days, is now through.
  6. The window that was broken yesterday had now been repaired .Do you know well a men who lives next door?
  7. Have you founded the keys you lost yesterday in the morning?
  8. I won't be able to do very much but I'll do my the best.
  9. I can't lend you no money, for all I've got now is a pound.
  10. We watched a strange man to approach the car and open the door hastily.
  11. They looked at one another without saying nothing, getting into the car.
  12. What has happened with you, boy, can't you talk at all?
  13. I'd feel very comfortable if you are here now with us.
  14. When I saw him after the incident he could hardly to speak.
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