Test 8


Read the text below. Mach choices (A - H) to (1 – 5). There are three choices you do not need to use.

Teacher Needed: Tommy’s Kindergarten needs 2 teacher/trainers to help with classes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Applicants should have appropriate licenses. For more information visit Tommy’s Kindergarten in Leicester Square No. 56

(1) _________

Needed: Full time secretary position available. Applicants should have at least 2 years experience and be able to type 60 words a minute. No computer skills required. Apply in person at United Business Ltd., 17 Browning Street

(2) _________

Are you looking for a part time job? We require 3 part time shop assistants to work during the evening. No experience required, applicants should be between 18 and 26. Call 366 — 76564 for more information.

(3) _________

Computer trained secretaries: Do you have experience working with computers? Would you like a full time position working in an exciting new company? If your answer is yes, give us a call.

(4) _________

Part Time work available: We are looking for retired adults who would like to work part time at the weekend. Responsibilities include answering the telephone and giving customer’s information. For more information contact us by calling.

(5) _________

University positions open: The University of Cumberland is looking for 4 teaching assistants to help with homework correction. Applicants should have a degree in one of the following: Political Science, Religion, Economics or History. Please contact the University of Cumberland for more information.

A Jane Madison. Jane recently retired and is looking for a part time position. She would like to work with people and enjoys public relation work.
B Jack Anderson. Jack graduated from the University of Trent with a degree in Economics two years ago. He would like an academic position.
C Tom Rose. Tom is 29, he is a lawyer. He needs a full time position.
D Margaret Lillian. Margaret is 21 years old and would like a part time position to help her pay her university expenses. She can only work in the evenings.
E Alice Fingelhamm. Alice was trained as a secretary and has six years of experience. She is an excellent typist but does not know how to use a computer. She is looking for a full time position.
F Peter Florian. Peter went to business school and studied computer and secretarial skills. He is looking for his first job and would like a full time position.
G Vincent san George. Vincent loves working with children and has an education license from the city of Birmingham. He would like to work with young children.
H Ann First. Ann is a doctor. She looks for a full time position of a physician in a local hospital.


Read the text below. For questions (6 – 11) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

Thomas Alva Edison lit up the world with his invention of the electric light. Without him, the world might still be a dark place. However, the electric light was not his only invention. He also invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and over 1,200 other things. About every two weeks he created something new.Thomas A. Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, on February 11, 1847. His family moved to Port Huron, Michigan, when he was seven years old. Surprisingly, he attended school for only two months. His mother, a former teacher, taught him a few things, but Thomas was mostly self-educated. His natural curiosity led him to start experimenting at a young age with electrical and mechanical things at home.

When he was 12 years old, he got his first job. He became a newsboy on a train that ran between Port Huron and Detroit. He set up a laboratory in a baggage car of the train so that he could continue his experiments in his spare time. Unfortunately, his first work experience did not end well. Thomas was fired when he accidentally set fire to the floor of the baggage car.

Thomas then worked for five years as a telegraph operator, but he continued to spend much of his time on the job conducting experiments. He got his first patent in 1868 for a vote recorder run by electricity. However, the vote recorder was not a success. In 1870, he sold another invention, a stock-ticker, for $40,000. A stock-ticker is a machine that automatically prints stock prices on a tape. He was then able to build his first shop in Newark, New Jersey.

Thomas Edison was totally deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other, but thought of his deafness as a blessing in many ways. It kept conversations short, so that he could have more time for work. He called himself a «two-shift man» because he worked 16 out of every 24 hours. Sometimes he worked so intensely that his wife had to remind him to sleep and eat.

Thomas Edison died at the age of 84 on October 18, 1931, at his estate in West Orange, New Jersey. He left numerous inventions that improved the quality of life all over the world.

6 What was not invented by Edison?
A electric light
B phonograph
C telegraph
D motion picture camera
7 Thomas Edison did things in this order:
A he became a telegraph operator, a newsboy, and then got his first patent
B he became a newsboy, got his first patent, and then became a telegraph operator
C he got a patent, became a telegraph operator, and then became a newsboy
D he became a newsboy, a telegraph operator, and then got a patent
8 Edison considered his deafness:
A a disadvantage
B a beneficial thing
C a curse
D a necessity
9 Of all the inventions,....was probably the most important for civilization.
A the vote recorder
B the stock ticker
C the light bulb
D the motion picture camera
10 The boy set up his first laboratory in ... .
A a shopping cart
B a baggage car of a bus
C a train luggage van
D a baggage car of the ship
11 The main idea of this passage is:
A Thomas Edison was always interested in science and inventions, and he invented, many important things
B Thomas Edison could not keep a job
C Thomas Edison worked day and night on his experiments
D Deaf people make good inventors because they can focus without the distraction of spoken conversation


Read the text below. Mach choices (A - H) to (12 – 16). There are two choices you do not need to use.

(12)_________NY city is located at the mouth of the Hudson River, south-eastern New York state, northeastern U.S. New York City is the centre of the largest urban agglomeration in the United States. It occupies Manhattan and Staten islands, the western end of Long Island, a portion of the mainland, and various islands in New York Harbor and Long Island Sound. Its urban area extends into neighbouring parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


The city consists of five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island [formerly Richmond]), which correspond to five counties of New York state (New York, Kings,

Queens, Bronx, and Richmond, respectively). All are located near the point where the Hudson River empties into Upper New York Bay of the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s only land boundaries are Westchester county on the north and Nassau county on Long Island to the East. The city’s waterfront is used for shipping and recreation.


The city may be described as a collection of many neighbourhoods, each with its own character and life-style. Manhattan is the economic and cultural heart of the city and is often considered to be «the city». Administration and services, however, have become increasingly decentralized as community planning boards have assumed more power in areas such as education, health, housing, and public works. Manhattan, the magnet for tourists and businessmen, is at first glance a city of skyscrapers, glaring lights, and frenetic pace. The shopping promenade of Fifth Avenue, the financial institutions of Wall Street, the residential mansions of Park Avenue, or the bohemian life in the East Village and SoHo give typical impressions.


Only Brooklyn of the other boroughs has a similar ethnic heterogeneity and a similar range of social life, with commercial and industrial districts and residential areas ranging from the wealth of Brooklyn Heights to the most abject poverty of parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant.


The artists of New York City exhibit in a wide variety of forms, ranging from traditional crafts to the most avant-garde work, flavoured by complex blends of ethnic and national influences. Theatrical arts and entertainment are also widespread: Broadway is the synonym for musical comedies and legitimate drama; Carnegie Hall is one of the most famous concert halls in the world; and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is the home of the Metropolitan Opera, the New York City Opera, the New York Philharmonic, and the New York City Ballet.

A The science centre.
B A great melting pot.
C The district of contrasts.
D The location of the largest metropolitan.
E The cultural life of the city.
F Powerful sightseeing attraction.
G The structure of the great city.
H New York City is a centre of world trade and finance.


Read the text below. Choose from (A - H) the one which best fits each space (17-22). There are three choices you do not need to use.

What is an ideal society? Is it a reality full of peace, love and prosperity or the utopia created in our dreams?

The need of ideal society was present in all the epochs after human organized themselves as an intelligent community. The reason for that is the uniqueness of each person, the difference of views and desires. The need of every person is rather objective that creates the multi-structure of each family, community, society and the entire world. That leads to the disharmony in the global structure of the society as the living organism.

Plato tried (17)________ of ideal society in order to smooth the misunderstanding in the society over. Every person(18)________, to be like a needed element and only then the Machine can work and gain.

Some world religions, Hinduism for example, support the same view. But this strict determination of a person to some place or rank is rather not humanistic and democratic. If we remember Utopia by Thomas Moore we (19)________. Here the same leveled structure is displayed, each person has the duties of his/her own. The life here is calm and quiet like in Paradise, all people are so happy.

Each of us dreams of such a life but none does something to make it better to change ourselves and to love each other. We can name Defoe, Marx and many other world minds here,(20)________ both on paper and in life. But ideal society, to my mind, is the union where people can love and trust. But as the experience of the millenniums states people are so multidimensional and different that each wants to dictate his/her will.

Wars and conflicts (21)________. We strive to be happy and rich but forget about others and there are our children among those others. Ideal society is possible if people are either angels or clones, having no personal views or needs. But then there (22)________, a so called Big Brother. But it is rather quasi ideal society as the etymology of the word «ideal» is already connected with some good qualities. Ideal society is a utopia, being more and more unreal with every day of our entire life!

A who wanted to create separate society
B the synonym for society
C should have the place in the structure of the society
D are all the result of the misunderstanding of humans
E to specify the core features
F the cultural heart of the city
G will get one more model of ideal society
H is a need in the leading person


Read the text below. For questions (23 – 34) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

The work of the men and the women was (30)________ very different. The men hunted and built places to live in. They (31)________ tools. The women prepared food and looked after the children. They made clay pots and used (32)________ to make clothes. Living in large groups helped their language to (33)________. People started to make paintings on the walls of caves at this time. Most of the paintings show animals and hunting (34)________. They also made carved objects out of bone and stone.By about 30,000 years ago, modern humans had (23)________ to almost all parts of the world. They were almost exactly the same as people of today, (24)________ a little shorter.These people lived mainly by hunting. They (25)________ antelope, rabbits, pigs, elephants, birds and (26)________ animals. Some of the animals they killed were (27)________ large. This (28)________ that the people must have lived in large groups and worked (29)________ The people in the groups probably had leaders.

23 stretched spread distributed scattered
24 so as moreover although since
25 took held trapped caught
26 other another some all
27 quite quiet complete bound
28 looks appears discovers shows
29 along forward beside with
30 almost probably enough somehow
31 carved made formed composed
32 goods limbs skins bodies
33 arouse increase grow develop
34 spaces scenes positions impressions


Read the text below. For questions (35 – 46) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia (1908), at least three different Saints Valentine, all of them martyrs and all quite obscure, (43)________ in the early martyrologies under the date of February 14:The association of the middle of February with love and fertility dates to ancient times. In the calendar of Ancient Athens, the period 35__________ mid January and mid February was the month of Gamelion, which was dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera.In Ancient Rome, the day of February 15 was Lupercalia, the festival of Lupercus, the god of fertility, who (36)________ as half-naked and dressed in goat skins. As part of the purification ritual, the priests of Lupercus (37)________ goats to the god, and after drinking wine, they ran through the streets of Rome (38)________ pieces of the goat skin above their heads, touching (39)____________ they met. Young women especially came forth (40)___________ for the occasion, in the belief that (41)________ so touched (42)________ them fruitful and bring easy childbirth.

A priest in Rome who suffered martyrdom in the second half of the 3rd century and (44)________ on the Via Flaminia. A bishop of Interamna (modem Term) also suffered martyrdom in the second half of the 3rd century and was also buried on the Via Flaminia, but in a different location than the priest. A martyr in North Africa, about whom little else (45)________.

The connection between St. Valentine and romantic love is not mentioned in any early histories and is regarded by secular historians as purely a matter of legend. The feast of St. Valentine was first declared to be on February 14 by Pope Gelasius I in 496. There is a widespread legend that he created the day to counter the practice held on Lupercalia of young men and women pairing off as lovers by drawing their names out of an urn, but this practice is not attested in any sources from that era.

In the 19th century, relics of St. Valentine (46)________ by Pope Gregory XVI to the Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland, which has become a popular place of pilgrimage on February 14.

35 starting among between ranging
36 was represented represent were represented represented
37 was sacrificed sacrificing sacrificed sacrifice
38 to hold holding held being held
39 someone no one none anyone
40 volunteering voluntarily voluntary volunteer
41 being be was were
42 would render render will render rendered
43 to be mention mentioned are mentioned mention
44 were buried bury buried was buried
45 is known known to be known knew
46 to be presented were presented present presented


Write your resume applying for some position according to the given plan. Write at least 100 words.

1. Personal information: full name, date and place of birth, your address.

2. The position you want to achieve.

3. Your education: secondary school (years), college, university (years), degrees.

4. Your working experience: years and places you have been working at; positions you attained.

5. Personal characteristics: character, hobbies.

6. Publications and awards: articles, medals, honours.

7. Computer skills: programs you can work with.


1.E; 2.D; 3.F; 4.A; 5.B; 6.C; 7.D; 8.B; 9.C; 10.C; 11.A; 12.D; 13.G; 14.F;15.C; 16.E; 17.E; 18.C; 19.G; 20.A; 21.D; 22.H; 23.B; 24.C; 25.D; 26.A; 27.A; 28.D; 29.A; 30.B; З1.В; 32.C; 33.D; 34.В; 35.C; 36.A; 37.C; 38.B; 39.D; 40.В; 41.А; 42.А; 43.С; 44.D; 45.А; 46.В

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