Tests: Filling Gaps Grammar Comprehension

Match the choices (1-5) to (A-H)

Test 1

1. If the librarian comes the children _____

2. I made the children _____

3. The children are looking forward to _____

4. Usually the books _____

5. By the beginning of the school year all the necessary books _____

A. …borrowed the books from the library.

B. ... to borrow books from the library.

C. ... will be able to borrow the books from the library.

D. …borrow the books from the library.

E. ... are borrowed by the children in the morning.

F. … are borrowing the books from the library now.

G. ... borrowing the books from the library.

H. …had been borrowed by the children.

1.C; 2.D; 3.G; 4.E; 5.H

Test 2

1. Spring is coming and I am looking forward _____

2. When the rain started they _____

3. Winter has come already and they can’t be _____

4. When you come at this time tomorrow they _____

5. Winter is coming, you’d better _____

A. ... were still working in the fields.

B. ... are working in the fields now.

C. ... to working in the fields.

D. … will be still working in the fields.

E. … still working in the fields.

F. … suggests working in the fields.

G. … work in the fields.

H. … seems to work in the fields.

1.C; 2.A; 3.E; 4.D; 5.G

Test 3

1. She can _____

2. I wondered _____

3. In the evening while I was reading newspapers _____

4. All the mistakes _____

5. If you made a mistake _____

A. … was corrected by the teacher.

B. ... she was correcting mistakes in her pupils’ tests.

C. ... the teacher would correct it.

D. ... being corrected.

E. … correct all mistakes in your paper.

F. ... to correct all mistakes in your paper.

G. … were corrected by the teacher.

H. ... who had corrected all the mistakes in his paper.

1.E; 2.H; 3.B; 4.G; 5.C

Test 4

1. The guests were expected _____

2. Yesterday all the rooms _____

3. I thanked Mary for _____

4. Mary had to do the room yesterday, _____

5. Mary looked tired as if she _____

A. ... had done the room already.

B. ... didn’t she?

C. ... arrive soon.

D. ... were done by Mary.

E. ... to arrive soon.

F. ... has seen Mary do the room.

G. ... doing the room.

H. ... hadn’t she?

1.E; 2.D; 3.G; 4.B; 5.A

Test 5

1.1 have white sandals. I’d rather not _____

2. Why can’t you look at this dress? - Because I’m busy _____

3. If I had gone to the shop yesterday I _____

4. Tomorrow I shall be able _____

5. On getting money she went and _____

A. ... to buy a pair of white shoes.

B. ... am buying a pair of white shoes.

C. … having bought a pair of white shoes.

D. ... buy any pair of white shoes.

E. … buying a pair of white shoes.

F. … should have bought a pair of white shoes.

G. ... were buying a pair of white shoes.

H. ... bought a pair of white shoes.

1.D; 2.E; 3.F; 4.A; 5.H

Test 6

1. Which doll shall we buy? - It’s for the children _____

2. I enjoy _____

3. She is tired because she _____

4. I know that I must _____

5. I went to the shop and _____

A. ... choose only nice presents for little children.

B. ... to choose.

C. ... has been choosing presents for little children all day.

D. ... chose nice presents for little children.

E. ... am choosing presents for little children.

F. ... choosing presents for little children.

G. ... had been choosing presents for two hours by three o’clock either.

H. ... will choose only nice presents for little children.

1.B; 2.F; 3.C; 4.A; 5.D

Test 7

1. I’ve just bought the books _____

2. I wondered if that book _____

3. The bought book of adventure stories _____

4. At this time tomorrow I _____

5. I wish I were a writer and _____

A. ... was written last year.

B. … shall have been written by the end of the term.

C. … to write by A. Christie.

D. … shall be writing a book of adventures.

E. … had been written by A. Christie.

F. ... could write a book.

G. … to have been written last year.

H. ... written by A. Christie.

1.H; 2.E; 3.A; 4.D; 5.F

Test 8

1. Helen, I hope you won’t _____

2. Alex examined his friend’s face closely _____

3. As far as I know many cigarettes _____

4. I can’t breathe. It’s advisable that you _____

5. Having put the coat on he _____

A. ... mind my smoking here.

B. … smoked a cigarette.

C. ... would have smoked only in this room.

D. ... while smoking a cigarette.

E. … are smoked in this room every day.

F. … should smoke only in this room.

G. ... shall have smoked by I o’clock.

H. … fond of smoking here every day.

1.A; 2.C; 3.E; 4.F; 5.B

Test 9

1. We wrote a composition _____

2. I was writing a composition _____

3. Having written the composition _____

4. The teacher made me _____

5. I wish _____

A. …write a composition on this subject.

B. ...before my friend came to see me.

C. ... to rewrite my composition.

D. ... two days ago.

E. …from 5 till 7 yesterday.

F. ... when she had called me.

G. … I were not so busy writing the composition now.

H. ... I checked it carefully.

1.D 2.E; 3.H; 4.A; 5.G

Test 10

1. He may go to the cinema today, he _____

2. Mother wanted to know when her son _____

3. You shouldn’t do this work for Fred. He ought _____

4. You shouldn’t help Fred. Let him _____

5. The work was easy and it _____

A. … having done his work 5 hours ago.

B. … has done his work already.

C. … was done by him in no time.

D. … his doing his work himself.

E. … would do his work.

F. … to do his work himself.

G. … had done his work by 5 o’clock yesterday.

H. … do his work himself

1.B; 2.E; 3.F; 4.H; 5.C

Test 11

1. We are not likely _____

2. Thank you for _____

3. She wanted to know if the work _____

4. It’s not the sort of work _____

5. If I try I may _____

A. …to finish our work today.

B. … finishing your work in time.

C. … to be finished today.

D. … would be finished in time.

E. … finish this work today.

F. … am finishing your work in time.

G. … finished your work yesterday.

H. … will finish this work tomorrow.

1.A; 2.B; 3.D; 4.C; 5.E

Test 12

1. Let them _____

2. If the weather had been good _____

3. I asked _____

4. They didn’t play tennis yesterday, _____

5. I wish _____

A. ... playing in the garden.

B. ... play tennis today.

C. ... they would have played tennis yesterday.

D. ... who had played tennis with Mary last Friday.

E. ... do not play in the garden.

F. ... to play tennis tomorrow.

G. ... neither did I.

H. …did they?

1.B; 2.C; 3.D; 4.H; 5.F

Test 13

1. Mother shouldn’t do all the work about the house by herself you ought _____

2. When I come home tomorrow I _____

3. I’d rather not _____

4. Yesterday I saw her _____

5. I know that Helen is busy. She _____

A. … to help her.

B. … shall be helping my mother from 10 till 12 o’clock.

C. … is helping her mother now.

D. … had helped my mother tomorrow.

E. ... help my mother today. I am very busy.

F. … have helped my mother already.

G. … helping her mother in the garden.

H. … decided to help my mother.

1.A; 2.B; 3.E; 4.G; 5.C

Test 14

1. If I were you _____

2. We wondered _____

3. As soon as you read that book _____

4. If he had read that book _____

5. She had been in that job for ten years _____

A. …give it back to me.

B. ... to give it back to me.

C. ... before she left it last year.

D. ... I should act differently.

E. ... if he acts differently.

F. ... how he was progressing in his new job.

G. ... being given back to me.

H. …he would have given it back to me

1.D; 2.F; 3.A; 4.H; 5.C

Test 15

1. He would come _____

2. He’ll get there in time _____

3. She saw me _____

4. I had _____

5. Mary sometimes _____

A. … when I was going to school.

B. … to have gone to school.

C. … he has been taken to the picture gallery.

D. … if he runs all the way.

E. ... postpones her visits because of bad weather.

F. ... to postpone my visit because it was too late.

G. ... if you called him.

H. ... take me to the picture gallery.

1.G; 2.D; 3.A; 4.F; 5.E

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