​The First Ice-Cream Cone: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Most ice-cream cones end the same way, (1) _________sweetly on the tongue. But how did the fist ice-cream cone begin? Tales of the cone’s invention (2) _________on one spot: the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. In one story, an ice-cream vendor ran out of serving dishes and was rescued by Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian immigrant selling Middle Eastern waffles at the next stand. Another Syrian immigrant claimed it was his idea (3) _________a hot waffle, let it harden, then plop in the ice-cream. Yet a third claimant was former(4) _________acrobat Charles Menches, who is said (5) _________away one side of an ice-cream sandwich to make an(6) _________vase for flowers, then molded the other side to hold the remaining ice cream. Hamwi and Menches went on to create ice-cream-cone empires.

One earlier claim gets lost in the hubbub: Five months before the World’s Fair, a patent (7) _________to candy-maker Italo Marchiony: "I claim as my invention ... a molding apparatus for creating ice-cream cups and the like." If only he (8) _________cones.

1 to melt melting melt melted
2 converges converge is converged converging
3 rolls rolling roll to roll
4 circuses circuses’ circus circus’
5 to have peeled to be peeled to has peeled to peel
6 improvised improvises improvising improvise
7 awarded is awarded was awarded would be awarded
8 would have said had said has said would say

1.B; 2.B; 3.D; 4.C; 5.A; 6.A; 7.C; 8.B 

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