The Princess and the Frog: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)

The Princess and the Frog: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (Level B1)

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young princess who happened to be out walking (1) _______ some woods. Suddenly she (2) _______ a frog in a pond. A little distance (3) _______ she also noticed a large and magnificent castle. At that moment the frog (4) _______ to the young woman. She was quite astonished, not (5) _______ accustomed to (6) _______ animals speak.

Anyway, every day she went to the same small pool of water (7) _______ to her new frog-friend. Gradually, after many months, Esmeralda, for that was her name, discovered that she (8) _______ in love with the frog.

One day, during one of their regular chats, the frog asked the beautiful princess for a kiss. (9) _______ her disgust at the thought, she (10) _______ down to do as he asked. At that moment he (11) _______ suddenly into the most handsome prince Esmeralda (12) _______ . It turned out that a witch (13) _______ a spell on him and taken his castle where she now lived.

(14) _______ been released from the spell, the prince went up to the castle and killed the witch. He then came back to Esmeralda whom he soon married, and they lived (15) _______ ever after.

1 through about across around
2 is seeing saw has seen sees
3 through above away apart
4 was speaking was spoken spoke speaks
5 to being being been to be
6 hearing hear heard being heard
7 being talked to talk talking to be talking
8 fell have fallen has fallen had fallen
9 Being hidden Being hiding Hidden Hiding
10 bent bend was bent bends
11 transform was transformed was transforming transforming
12 ever sees ever saw had ever seen ever seen
13 has cast had cast cast was cast
14 Has Had Having To have
15 happier happiness happy happily

1.A; 2.B; 3.C; 4.C; 5.B; 6.A; 7.B; 8.D; 9.D; 10.A; 11.B; 12.C; 13.B; 14.C; 15.D

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