​The Story of McDonald’s: Multiple Choice Grammar Test (B1)

In 1937(1) _________ McDonalds brothers, Dick and Mack, opened a little drive-in restaurant in Pasadena, California. They served hot dogs and milk shakes there.

In 1945 they had 20 waiters and (2) _________ the teenagers in town atehamburgers at McDonald’s. In 1948 they already gotpaper boxes and bags for the hamburgers. They put the price (3) _________ from 30 cents to 15 cents. They cut the menu down from 25 things to 9. There are no more waiters — it is self-service. So it is cheaper and faster. And they have windows all around the kitchen — so (4) _________ sees it's clean. Parents started bringing their children to the restaurant. Poor families ate at McDonald's for the first time.

The idea of simple, fast, but tasty food appeared (5) _________ successful, and in(6) _________ the McDonald's company opens (7) _________ of restaurants all over the States. In the 1970s they opened restaurants abroad: in Japan, Germany and Australia.

At present the McDonald's company opens a new restaurant (8) _________ eight hours! There are more than 30,000 restaurants in over 90 countries. The largest restaurant is in Beijing in China and the smallest in Ginza, Tokyo. The(9) _________ restaurant is in Fair-bank, Alaska and the (10) _________ is in Gibson, New Zealand.

1 the a an
2 some all several whole
3 down off up behind
4 all everyone none all the
5 to being be being to be
6 the 1960th 1960s the 1960 the 1960s
7 hundreds hundred hundredth hundred’s
8 the other another other every
9 northernmost northernest northern the most ever-northern
10 southernmost southenest northern the most more than southern

1.B; 2.B; 3.A; 4.B; 5.D; 6.D; 7.A; 8.D; 9.A; 10.A 

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