The Weather Sets In: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

At six thirteen a.m. on Friday morning (1) _________ big blue eyes opened upon another day and as always, she was at once (2) _________awake and began immediately to deal with the problems (3)_________up by her incredibly active mind. (4) _________urgently the need of consultation and conversation, and selecting for the purpose her young cousin, Midge Hardcastle, (5) _________The Hollow the night before, Lady Angkatell slipped quickly out of bed and went along the passage to Midge's room. Since she was a woman of rapid thought processes, Lady Angkatell, (6) _________was her invariable custom, commenced the conversation in her own mind,(7) _________Midge’s answers out of her own fertile imagination. The conversation was in full (8) _________when Lady Angkatell flung open Midge's door. «— And so, darling, you really must agree that the weekend is going to present difficulties!»

«Eh? Hwah!» Midge grunted inarticulately, (9) _________thus abruptly from a satisfying and deep sleep.

Lady Angkatell crossed to the window, opening the shutters and jerking up the blind (10) _________a brisk movement, letting in the pale light of a September dawn.

«Birds!» she observed, peering with (11) _________pleasure through the pane. «So sweet».


«Well, at any (12) _________ , the weather isn't going to present difficulties. It looks (13) _________it had set in fine. That’s something. Because if a lot of discordant personalities are boxed up indoors, I’m sure you will agree with me that it makes it ten times worse».

Agatha Christie

1 Lucy Angkatells’ Lucy Angkatell' Lucy Angkatell's Lucy’s Angkatell's
2 wider width widely wide
3 was conjured conjured conjuring to conjure
4 To feel As she felt Feeling Felt
5 that had arrived at who have arrived at who had arrived to who had arrived at
6 since for as so
7 supplied supplying was supplying to supply
8 swing stretch time length
9 rised raised aroused rose
10 under for by with
11 kindly kind kindness kindlier
12 rate way case pace
13 likely as though just as if

1.C; 2.D; 3.B; 4.C; 5.D; 6.C; 7.B; 8.A; 9.C; 10.D; 11.A; 12.A; 13.B

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