These weird days

These weird days

Have you ever noticed how folks these days, I mean the approach of the New Year’s holiday, tend to postpone most of important actions and decisions for after the new year?

On the other hand they prioritize some other tasks like pay back the debts, buy presents and decorations, finish projects, have a manicure done, get food for the whole next year and such stuff. And the closer the holidays the more dramatic this situation is!

Are you putting things off for after new year these days? Is it typical of our mentality? Or it’s just me getting older and grumpier?

I’ll think about it after the New Year’s hangover is gone...

P.S. Answering the questions take into account!!! My audience has been restricted to only my lovely teacher-friends. My post has been erased! I am censored! Watch out!

What do you mean your post has been erased?
Where's the «Candy or Crap» post?
Nobody is censored here!!!
Twenty six people have seen this post by now.
Has anybody got a vague clue what's been written here?
Hasn't anyone at all shared the same feeling as I have or has had an opposite opinion?
Do you folks really not give a rat's tail about anything around you?
I just can't get this ignorance!
You know these days are always weird because of magic of 12 winter solstice days, which start from 21st December and finish at 1st January. Some people feel sad and regret of something that didn`t happen, other worry about finishing projects, buying presents, planning romantic new year trip or just rush into things to meet their closest. As for me, contrary ideas visit my brain))). The older I am the more moral values are advanced. Just want peace, health and happiness for everyone and still beleive in miracle! Happy New Year!
It's so tempting to start each new year with a clean slate and make it good and nice without any old debts. Such a charming naivety, isn't it? smile