Tigers: Multiple Choice Test (Level: B1)

Tiger stripes are unique – (1) _______ your fingerprints. This is (2) _______ scientists can tell tigers apart. When tigers are mature they (3) _______ together only for mating. They communicate (4) _______ scent, voice, and signs like claw marks (5) _______ on trees. Tigers have no predators, but humans. Because wild tigers only come together to mate, they don’t always share a habitat (6) _______ .

Zoos separate (7) _______ tiger habitats into two (8) _______ for the safety and comfort of the animals. The tigers can interact (9) — the fence line if they (10) _______ . The (11) _______ tigers are excellent swimmers, and you may (12) _______ the tigers in this habitat (13) _______ the pool (14) _______ a warm day.

such so as like
2 where when how who
3 will come come came would come
4 along through with off
5 left leaving are left were left
6 peacefully peace peaceful piece
7 they its their theirs
8 halfs half halves halve
9 along alone a long above
10 are chosen chose will choose choose
11 Zoos’ Zoos Zoo Zoo’s
12 finding find be found found
13 enjoying enjoy enjoyed are enjoying
14 for at in on

1.D; 2.C; 3.B; 4.B; 5.A; 6.A; 7.C; 8.C; 9.A; 10.D; 11.D; 12.B; 13.A; 14.D

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