To Be Re-Gifted: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

To Be Re-Gifted: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Regifting or re-giving is the act of taking a gift that (1) _________ and giving it to somebody else, often in the guise of a new gift, being sometimes re-gifted several times. The gift makes it suitable for regifting because the colour, or style of the gift is likely to be to (2) _________taste. Gift certificates to stores one doesn’t (3) _________might also make great opportunities for regifting. Re-giving differs from straightforward giving, in which goods (4) _________specifically for donation. Typically, goods that have been received as a gift are offered to (5) _________, unbeknown to them that it was originally a gift to the person offering it. A few rules (6) _________to regifting, however : rewrapping the gift, not using the gift before regifting it, and not giving the gift back to the original gift-giver. A used item, (7) _________it is an antique or holds some type of special value for the person you plan to give it (8) _________, should never be re-gifted.

There are no rules that specifically prohibit or encourage the practice of regifting, except: don’t regift (9) _________that is likely not (10) _________by someone.

1 has been receiving received Had been received has been received
2 someone else someone’s else someone else’s someone’s else’s
3 frequents frequency frequent frequently
4 not acquiring are not acquired do not acquire not acquired
5 others the others other another
6 do apply does apply applies do they apply
7 in case till until unless
8 to with befor toward
9 nothing something anything everything
10 to be enjoying be enjoyed to be enjoyed to being enjoyed

1.D; 2.C; 3.C; 4.B; 5.A; 6.A; 7.D; 8.A; 9.B; 10.C

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