​Training Corps: Multiple Choice Grammar Test

Montana State University has a long and proud tradition of military instruction (1) _________ back to 1916. Over 2,500 cadets (2) _________ their officers’ commission through the Army ROTC programme at the University. The Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is a programme which will enhance your education by (3) _________ the unique leadership training and management experience. It helps you develop the qualities necessary for success in (4) _________ a military or civilian career. Students (5) _________ a valuable opportunity to build for the future by earning a college degree and an Army Officer’s commission at the same time.
The Army ROTC training establishes an (6) _________ difference between ROTC and (7) _________ college graduates. The Army ROTC cadets are taught (8) _________ leaders and are provided hands-on experience in managing physical, financial, and human resources. They possess a (9) _________ level of self-confidence and superior decision (10) _________ abilities. That’s why ROTC students (11) _________ begin their civilian careers at a higher level of responsibility than other college (12) _________ and often go on to even higher levels of success.

1 dated dating to date dates
2 have received had received has received received
3 provide to provide is providing providing
4 either neither nor also
5 giving given are given has been given
6 essential essentials inessential essentially
7 the others other others the other
8 being to be be will be
9 higher highest highly high
10 to make made doing making
11 frequent frequency frequently infrequently
12 graduates graduates’ graduate’s graduate

1.B; 2.A; 3.D; 4.A; 5.C; 6.A; 7.B; 8.B; 9.A; 10.D; 11.C; 12.A 

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