​Travelling by Train

1. A separate section of a train:

a) a compartment

b) a van

c) a carriage

2. A railway carriage selling light meals and snacks.

a) a restaurant car

b) a buffet

c) a canteen

3. A cheap railway carriage with seats transforming into sleeping berths.

a) a deluxe

b) a couchette

c) a compartment

4. A separate part or room in a car on the train.

a) a restroom

b) a compartment

c) a berth

5. A place where we can see when the train arrives or leaves.

a) a timetable

b) a notice

c) a board

6. A train which carries goods.

a) a steam train

b) a freight train

c) a loads train

7. The money which you pay for travelling by train.

a) a fare

b) a fine

c) a fair

8. A converted seat in a compartment car or couchette where you can lie down or sleep.

a) a couch

b) a settee

c) a berth

9. The person who drives a train.

a) a chauffeur

b) an engine driver

c) a trailer driver

10. The person who checks tickets, opens the doors, makes tea and hands out bedding on the train.

a) porter

b) butler

c) conductor


1. c

2. b

3. b

4. b


6. b

7. a

8. c

9. b

10. c

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