Weight Problems. Communication Problems: Multiple Choice Grammar Tests.

Many people exercise to lose weight. A calorie is a unit that measures the energy content of foods the energy expenditure by the body. When the daily calorie intake from food is the same as calories (1)_________ from exercise, weight remains the same. The number of calories burned (2) _________ exercise (3) _________ greatly with the type of physical (4) _________, but the key to successful weight reduction is to exercise regularly, without increasing food intake (5) _________. For example, walking one hour per day may utilize only 300 calories of energy per day, a small fraction of an (6) _________daily caloric intake. But over a period of time, if food consumption (7) _________simultaneously reduced or remains the same, significant weight loss will result. One sound approach to (8) _________ calories is to eat healthier foods that contain more fibber and less fat, and therefore (9) _________ calories. This type of diet (10) _________ healthier for the heart and blood vessels.

1 expending expended to expend expend
2 during while in on
3 varied varying varies vary
4 act action acting activity
5 proportionally proportional proportionalise the proportion
6 individuals individual individual’s individual’
7 is was will be would be
8 reduce reducing reduced reductions
9 fewer less little the fewer
10 is also been proven has also being proven have also been proven has also been proven

Europe has always had its differences. Think of food, kissing or dress sense. Think of how people in different countries speak on the telephone. The Ukrainian translation of "Good morning. My name is Jack Smith. Would you be sokind (11) _________ me through to Mr.Tkachenko?’ is just a shout" Tkachenkoooo!"

Sense of humour changes (12) _________from country to country. What is funny is one place (13) _________ be rude in another. The same can be (14) _________for gestures: what acceptable in an Italian tavema (snapping your fingers to call the waiter’s attention, for example can (15) _________ a fight in an Irish restaurant.

In some countries—Ukraine, Poland, Britain—the art of queuing means people (16) _________ straight lines, in others like Greece (17) _________Portugal, queue take a more artistic shape.

All (18) _________unfortunately goes almost unreported. Journalists, when write books, try to write about historic events. That’s why a guide to European manners written by a psychologist from Oxford University is very interesting.

11 as to put as to puttting as to be put as putting
12 plenty a great deal a large amount a large number
13 is able to could have to may
14 told spoke said suggested
15 start be started starting starts
16 class type sort form
17 after or before but
18 these that this then

1.B; 2.A; 3.C; 4.D; 5.A; 6.C; 7.A; 8.B; 9.A; 10.D; 11.A; 12.B; 13.D; 14.C; 15.A; 16.D; 17.B; 18.C

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