​What Could You Do in Childhood?

​What Could You Do in Childhood?

Age: 7+

Level: pre-intermediate

Concerns: abilities in the past, could

Procedure: Work in pairs: look through the list of ideas, find what you could and could not do in childhood, let others guess.

Alternatively: ask one another questions Could you run fast? 

Find someone who could or could not do what you could or could not do, you win if you have found the most number of students.

  • climb a high tree
  • skate
  • ski
  • run very fast
  • fly a kite
  • make straw things
  • make paper things
  • bake a cake
  • sculpture with ice
  • do science experiments
  • make a snowman
  • sculpture with mud
  • paint handprints
  • make a sand/rock castle
  • draw, paint and color well
  • dance and sing well
  • set off fireworks / firecrackers
  • count well
  • read well
  • build a lego
  • play chess
  • play cards
  • cheat
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